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Patrick Seaton is a highly accomplished and widely recognized professional Equestrian on the California show circuit.

Beginning his riding career at the age of four, Patrick thrived in the show ring, turning professional at 14 in his native country of England. After great success in the pony ranks he moved onto horses, mastering the junior and young rider divisions. At 18 Patrick moved to Switzerland and began his international career. He represented England throughout Europe with wins in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Holland. In 2001 after winning the Swiss Indoor Championships, Patrick moved to the US and shortly after Patrick Seaton Stables was created.

Patrick is one of the few riders who can be consistently seen winning in both the hunter and the jumper rings, with multiple Hunter Derby, International Derby and Grand Prix wins. His talents lie in having a simplistic positive approach to riding and training. Patrick believes every horse thrives on a unique and individual program, custom created for them, which helps the rider to communicate successfully with their horse and become A TEAM!

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