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Looking For The Latest Dressage Show Shirt Fashion From Tack Warehouse?

Customers often ask us what style of Dressage show shirt a rider should purchase?

At Tack Warehouse our buyers ride and also show Dressage, so they pick out the best seasonal show clothes collections for our Dressage customers that are showing. In our area it can be very warm in the summer for riders looking for dressage shows near me. Combine this with a show coat and riders defiantly want to have the latest in not only Equestrian fashion and dressage show apparel but also technical cooling shirts. We find the best competition Dressage show shirts for equestrians are Equestrian riding shirts that are first and foremost comfortable. We have progressed from the standard white non stretch show shirts. We look for competition Dressage show shirts that are light weight with technical athletic thin stretchy fabrics that offer riders moisture wicking and breathability. These features in todays show shirts help riders regulate their body temperature. Dressage shirts for ladies and show shirts come in sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve varieties. Many brands of English Dressage show shirts for women have mesh underarm inserts to help keep you cool and also have UV sun protection. Nowadays Dressage show shirts are fun and have sleeves made from sparkling lurex or lace. Material with cooling body and some with collars with stock loops to help keep the stock ties in place. Other show shirts have an anti-pull breathable mesh back and even come with raglan sleeves. We always recommend that if riders are competing at a Dressage show without the option to remove their jackets without the judge’s permission or if the riders are at a level of riding where a show jacket is required then a sleeveless style is a great option. Men wear a traditional button down collar short of long sleeve show shirt made with technical material.

Dressage show shirt collar styles again depend on the riders level of competition, so be sure to ask your trainer or check the appropriate Dressage rule book. As riders progress a dressage shirt and stock tie are part of the essential wardrobe attire.

Show shirts equestrian come in

so many types these days. Some dressage show shirts have fancy collars that close and may have a crystal center button. This is the great thing about Dressage English riding shirts for women can have bling and rhinestones. You can get the light weight thin Dressage show shirts and then add a stock tie to give riders the formal look in the arena. If jackets are waived by the Dressage judge due to high heat conditions which is often the case in our area of California, without a stock tie and without decoration. A simple white Dressage show shirt is always in style. If you are showing and its hot out and show coats are optional the rider will want to wear a long sleeve traditional show shirt because this shows respect to the show judge and for proper horse show etiquette.

Equestrian sport higher level Dressage shows are often formal events and the riders at these dressage shows are expected to wear dressage show apparel which includes a proper 4 button show jacket or shadbelly, proper riding shirt, and show breeches. The USDF United States Dressage Federation rules are always changing so its best to reference the most current rule books for dressage show clothes. Riders are required to wear an approved ASTM Dressage helmet and allowed to have MIPS helmets as well, the rider will be required to wear a white stock tie, and tall Dressage riding boots. Some dressage events give the riders the option of wearing English show spurs or even protective air vests or body protector.

It is always safe to wear a white traditional riding show shirt under their Dressage jacket or Shadbelly tailcoat. A white riding shirt is the gold standard for most any English equestrian competitions. Riders should choose a show shirt that is long enough to tuck into breeches and that buttons comfortably. One of our favorite Dressage show shirts have a 3/4 zipper and this is easier to keep clean and close as compared to buttons. While we are not sure who thought up the idea to wear white show shirts around horses and mud, this is what we are required to have so always make sure the show shirt is clean and ironed before the dressage show and riders may want to bring along a spare show shirt as a back up just in case. Choose a Dressage show or competition shirt that fits the rider well and lies smoothly without puckering or bunching while still allowing the rider freedom of movement. Nowadays shirts for showing Dressage in come with so many options from color pop sides to classic white to colorful shirts that have a white bib front that looks like a traditional show shirt under the riders coat. We suggest the color sides with white fronts because the color is easier to keep clean then white.

Lets talk Dressage stock ties... Riders are expected to wear a stock tie at certain levels of competition when wearing a riding jacket. A stock tie is a piece of material that wraps around the neck collar of your riding shirt and closes in the back adding some fluff. Again these also are white. So riders need to take care to make sure they do not get these dirty and make sure that their stock tie is neatly pressed because it is the center piece of the Dressage riders outfit and visible. under your dressage jacket. Some stock ties for Dressage come pre tied so riders just neatly fasten the stock tie at the back of their neck. BUT, pony clubbers are still required to have stock ties they tie themselves and pre tied stock ties are not allowed. At lower levels or Dressage schooling shows riders do not need to wear a stock tie and can just use their riding shirts.

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